Dosimeter Calibrator Development

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Radiation is a very serious and hazardous environment that should be accurately monitored in such institutes as nuclear power stations, plants and scientific laboratories, among others.

For the purpose of radiation level control and absorbed dose measurement, these institutes utilize personal electronic hand-held dosimeters. Such information is vitally important for health reasons and it’s crucial to gather this information with the help of reliable and accurate devices. Once manufactured, personal dosimeters have factory-default set of parameters and each device requires to be calibrated against a predefined level of radiation by calibration machine before shipment to the customers.

One of our challenging projects in the area of Embedded Software Solutions was developing a PC and Web-based software for controlling Personal Radiation Dosimeters Calibrator Machinery and providing services of dosimeters calibration, verification, analysis and reporting. The key functions of these applications are on-site and remote configuration, monitoring of calibration processes (via the web-app), as well as performing control over dosimeters routing and configuration within the machinery hardware.

Besides building an application’s architecture, GUI design and software itself, the scope of work also included User and Maintenance Guides creation, full offsite functional testing and onsite integration, and acceptance sessions with customer’s counterparts.


During the course of the project our team has been working on a number of systems including:

  • development of transport system control business logics;
  • interfacing with dosimeters for parameters management;
  • operational status GUI displays design and implementation;
  • database scheme update, measurements data collection, analysis and reporting service integration;
  • web application for parameters configuration and reports visualization development.

The technologies used in the project are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012;
  • C#, Linq, Entity Framework;
  • .NET MVC, JavaScript, AJAX.

Our company continues long-term collaboration with the customer resulting in ongoing support and required enhancements implementation. Just recently our development team has completed another project phase where support for next-generation radiological dosimeters with enhanced performance and capabilities was added, followed by onsite Integration and Acceptance session in September 2015. We are happy to be able to help our customers in the area of industrial and scientific measurements equipment including radiological domain.

To learn more about the project, please download the data sheet. To see more information about PSA’s project capabilities, feel free to visit our web-site www.psa-software.com or our social media streams.

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