Using Mobile Solutions in Radiation Dosimetry

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Image: PSA Internal Source

Image: PSA Internal Source

When X-rays were discovered in 1895 by a German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen, no one knew that radiation would find use in a wide range of industries. Today, it is used to varying degrees in medicine, security, transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, and other areas. The application of radiation for industrial purposes will keep on growing in coming years: in medicine, for example, the demand for radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis is increasing at over 10% annually.¹ Continue Reading


Dosimeter Calibrator Development

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PSA Internal Source

Radiation is a very serious and hazardous environment that should be accurately monitored in such institutes as nuclear power stations, plants and scientific laboratories, among others.

For the purpose of radiation level control and absorbed dose measurement, these institutes utilize personal electronic hand-held dosimeters. Such information is vitally important for health reasons and it’s crucial to gather this information with the help of reliable and accurate devices. Once manufactured, personal dosimeters have factory-default set of parameters and each device requires to be calibrated against a predefined level of radiation by calibration machine before shipment to the customers. Continue Reading