The Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence

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The definition of a golden age is a period in a field of endeavor when great tasks were accomplished.1 AI has already impacted speech processing, chatbots, virtual assistants, augmented reality and virtual reality.2 Great things are sure to come in the near future with AI and its associated technologies such as Enterprise IoT, along with additional responsibilities that accompany new technologies, like cyber-security and privacy issues.

Apple, Microsoft and Google are spending billions of research dollars to create next generations of digital personal assistants and AI Bots.3 A bot is a piece of software designed to automate a specific task. They are used mainly as web spiders or web crawlers that fetch script, analyze and file information at paces much faster than a human could do. They are becoming more and more natural and simple in their interactions making it hard to distinguish between a human and a bot. This results in an elevated user experience.

Today, millions of people happily chat with Amazon’s Echo’s conversation-based assistant, Alexa.4 FedEx is using Alexa to help customers’ ship packages and Capital One plans to upgrade their app to allow customers to command Alexa to make payments or get answers to questions such as, how much they spent at Starbucks last month.5

AI-enabled interactions are ushering in an era where customers no longer need to understand technology to use it, they just need to talk to, gesture at or touch the AI that controls it. As AI administers more of the user experience, it continues to go beyond an intelligent interface, using learning capabilities to tailor the experience to each individual. Through machine learning AI can make suggestions based on previous UX and orchestrating new tasks to achieve desired outcomes. Also, an AI system can interact with an infinite number of people at once based on its skills.

The Golden Age of AI is moving towards man living with machines as AI is deployed across many industries, including insurance, agriculture and manufacturing. The opportunities to use AI are endless.


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