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M2M (Machine to Machine) is the technology that establishes intelligent communication between two things, usually devices which have been enabled to both send and receive communications. The possible number of connected devices in today’s world is practically unlimited.  Transportation, energy, industrial automation, security and engineering – nearly every industry anticipates achieving strong growth rates in the next ten years through the implementation and utilization of M2M technologies.  The ability of these devices to communicate with one another and send and receive intelligent commands can reduce or eliminate the need for human interaction and therefore streamline processes, save costs, increase speed and efficiency and also play a key role in increased safety in a wide range of situations and industries.

PSA has a broad range of experiences and many successes in the M2M and device connectivity space as well as with IoT (internet of things) projects. PSA has been heavily involved in many projects where the automatic, successful communication and transfer of information between 2 or more devices was the single most important objective of the entire project. Our expertise allows us the ability to assist you from end to end on any M2M or IoT project, from concept and whiteboard through to execution, deployment and lifecycle maintenance.

Some of the many diverse industries which PSA has successfully completed projects in the M2M-IoT space include:

From a complex web based application for tracking oil well production, used by the leading global producers of petroleum, to a custom platform focused on remotely managing comprehensive factory control systems for a large food production facility, PSA has the experience in M2M development to get the job done.

To know more about our M2M experience, please visit the PSA’s Enterprise IoT landing page.

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