The New Age of M2M

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M2M (or Machine to Machine), the automated communication of data between connected devices, provides many unique solutions that have the capability to be utilized in a broad range of situations and industries in order to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve processes and simplify workflows, among other things.  The continued development of the Internet of Things (IoT) which involves the communication and networking of objects via the internet is working to achieve a pathway for goods to travel to their destinations all by themselves as data currently does on the internet of today.

M2M has fast become the new connected technology revolution and with Individual M2M applications limited only by a developer’s imagination and creativity, this truly is a new technology boom that will yield huge gains in efficiency and productivity for businesses around the globe. Mobile and wireless networks are now providing near total coverage; therefore the possible number of connected devices in today’s world is practically unlimited.  From transportation and energy to industrial automation, security and engineering, nearly every industry anticipates achieving strong growth rates in the next ten years through the implementation and utilization of M2M technologies.

By integrating Enterprise IoT solutions into workflow, companies will achieve such benefits as:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Improved Processes
  • Simplified Workflows

PSA is very interested and engaged in the M2M space and our extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects in the M2M space continues to grow.

Much more information about the M2M space you may find in the white-paper “The 4 Largest Benefits of Maximizing M2M Technologies in Your Organization”.

PSA Marketing Team

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