The Benefits Reengineering Can Bring to a Company

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Reengineering is a hot topic for many companies these days. It’s the idea that no longer “do we have to throw out the baby with the bathwater” when it comes to old, struggling software projects. Now we can save the baby, give him a makeover and adopt him into a well-organized, streamlined family. Whether reengineering is the right fit for your company is dependent on a host of factors that include what are the Aim, Desired Outcome and Strategy for your organizational goals.

However, most companies choose reengineering from a desire to redo their current projects to change the outcome and make them performing and deliverable and a wish to streamline their processes. Some of the main deciding factors for companies who choose reengineering solutions are:

  • A need to be able to respond quickly to competitive threats from other companies
  • A need to make the delivery of products and services faster, more efficient and more streamlined to fit in with the rest of the organization.
  • A need to be able to quickly identify shifting industry trends and address them.
  • A need to be able to efficiently synthesize data and use the information to be innovative.

Why should companies use an outsider for their reengineering projects?

A lot of companies fail in their reengineering projects simply because of a lack of strategy and an ability to look critically at their current engineering processes. When you are mired down in the process, it is difficult to get a fresh perspective. And sometimes this is exactly what the project needs: a fresh perspective. As one of the fundamental principles of reengineering is starting from scratch, it can be a great benefit to have an outsider consulting company come in, and put in the work and effort necessary to analyzing the current process.

What can PSA do for you in Reengineering?

Professional Software Associates, Inc. provides a project takeover service that will help you breathe new life into your difficult or failed software projects. Whether you’ve partnered with a third party that couldn’t deliver, or an internal project that has gone awry, we can help get the project back on track!

PSA has a reputation for efficiently and cost-effectively fixing other people’s mistakes and making the projects deliver! When PSA steps in to rescue a project, whatever the stage of development, we will improve the solution to be a quality product we are proud to stand behind.

We don’t just redo what has already been done – we start from scratch to analyze and define your solution, retaining the valuable components and reworking the rest. When you bring PSA onboard for your project, success is guaranteed!

Our areas in expertise in Reengineering are:

Refactoring, Project Take Over, Porting and Migration, Interface Reengineering, Application Reengineering and Reverse Engineering.

To learn more about how we can reinvent your software projects and help you deliver, check out our website at www.psa-software.com

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