InfoCentre Mobile Barcoding Project

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Our Mobile development team was tasked with a project to develop a mobile barcode reader application for iOS and Android platforms. The purpose of the application was to create an app for scanning a defined QR code and obtaining information about physical objects associated with this code. Along with the scanning function the application provided features of user’s authentication and server configuration.



How we did it:

Our team first did an analysis of the functional requirements and enhancement features for the project. As well, we put a lot of time and effort into the story board creation, as we wanted to come up with a really good design.

After that, we conducted GUI design and development. In the design and development process, we are always working with three criteria in our mind: functionality, aesthetics, and performance.

A good design has to be workable, user-friendly, with a clean, and appealing user interface and reliable performance.

We wanted to make this app available for both the Android and iOS user platforms, so our application development team designed, developed and tested for both platforms simultaneously.

To finish off, we did application development and tested on both platforms, and retested until we got rid of all bugs. Hate the bugs!

The technologies used in the project are:

–          SOAP

–          zBar SDK

–          iOS SDK

–          Objective-C

–          Android SDK

–          zXing SDK

–          Java

For this sort of project, it worked for us personally to use an Agile approach which meant that our team conducted weekly updates for project plan, design and budget and held weekly status meetings and status reporting. Of course some people might prefer a traditional Waterfall approach if they already have a fixed budget and design clear in their mind, but this was what worked best for us.

And the finished product – Voila!


What we created:



If you are interested in talking to our mobile development team about a concept you would like to create or a project you are currently working on, get in touch with us at: contactus@psa-software.com

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