IP Intercom System Integration

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ip inercom systems interfacing onguard security system

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The primary objective of the IP Intercom System Integration project for our team was to integrate the client’s Intercom System into the OnGuard security system and allow interfacing with it, including access control. The main aim of the project was to develop software (Device Translator) that helps the series of customer’s Intercoms communicate with the OnGuard security system. The resulting system passed testing without a hitch, to insure that it met all of the requirements and passed certification.


Our client is a developer of a variety of products that range from simple do-it-yourself answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex commercial systems and luxury condo/apartment security and communications systems.


Scope of the Project:

Our team conducted requirements preparation and Specifications review first. Then we worked on the development of a unit to provide double-sided communication between OnGuard and Customer’s Intercom system. After that, we focused on converting SIF-packages into OnGuard system events, and transmission of commands from OnGuard to Intercoms.

Moving forward, we worked on events logging implementation, setup events privacy for OnGuard and Audio/Video streaming to the OnGuard security system. To complete the project, we conducted functional, system and integration testing.

The entire project took 6 months for our team of 4 software and QA engineers to complete. 


The technologies used in the process are:

–          C++

–          COM

–          CGI

–          Sockets

–          OnGuard SDK

–          XML

–          HTTP/HTTPS

–          OpenSSL

–          SIP

–          IP phones


From a project management perspective, we used an agile process with weekly updated project plan and budget and weekly status report and deliverables update. As well, we implemented development tracking and activities testing, and coordinating management of project scope, cost, and schedule.


If you have a security control system that you are interested in developing or would like to get in touch with us to hear more about what sort of solutions and development possibilities that PSA can create for you, get in touch with us today at contactus@psa-software.com

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