How to Rescue a Project Which is Unfinished or was Completed Incorrectly

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If you have a project which was either left incomplete or perhaps was completed but does not suit your needs, your project may be in need of rescuing. If you are not confident that the original team assigned to the project is capable of reengineering and completing the project to suit, outsourcing may become a viable solution to the situation.

A project rescue is typically accomplished by conducting an interview with sponsors, team members, vendors, and stakeholders to identify the unsatisfied project needs and establish the requirements that are necessary to save the project moving forward. Once you have identified the new team, start by reviewing the project documentation, project plan and specifications, and the results of your stakeholders’ interview. Especially you need to discuss how the current product fails to satisfy your needs. This is very important, as it is vital to a productive project that the cause of the failure in the previous team is identified, so as to avoid repeating mistakes, and ensure that the team understands how to fix the project.

Typical issues that could have contributed to the project failure are:

–          Lack of team communication

–          Unclear requirements

–          Lack of focus and direction in the team

–          Lack of competencies in the team to complete the tasks

When you are in the process of assessing and re-planning the project, pay close attention to objectives, priorities and risks. It’s equally important to clarify the mechanism of issue escalation and to determine if the right resources are assigned to the project and team members which are relevant to their roles and responsibilities. As well, you need to determine if the project plan is on track and up to date and whether all critical issues and action items have been assigned appropriately. It’s wise when re-planning the project to focus on defining more efficient communications, re-planning existing milestones with a clear goal and feature list, and realigning the teamwork so as to remove every possible barrier and obstacle.

After reviewing goals and expectations with the team, there needs to be a clear focus on aiming to deliver. Here one should focus on high-priority features, keeping the schedule and issues logged correctly, discussing them frequently with the team, and escalating critical issues as soon as they are triggered. As well, one must manage changes and risks and constantly track project status and achievements on a regular basis, keeping at all times a realistic attitude about goals and desired results.

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