Technology Innovations in Video Surveillance

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The trend of rising crime rates and security concerns is increasing the demand for video surveillance systems. This, in turn, is driving the market towards new technological solutions which are expected to improve both social and personal safety. While it is virtually impossible to stop a crime from ever happening, however, with a fully functional surveillance security system, consumers have a greater chance of either deterring crime or capturing the criminals after the event occurs. To this end, many manufacturers of video surveillance systems use the latest technical developments and implement the most advanced features within the surveillance systems.

Below we consider 5 upcoming video surveillance features that may change the security industry:

  • Advanced Image-Recognition Software
  • Cloud Security Cameras
  • Open Platform Video Management Systems
  • Video Analytics
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

These advanced features make video surveillance better and your home/office safer. From banking and transportation to retail, many organizations can greatly benefit from intelligent video surveillance systems — and the proof is in the statistics. For example, a new report by the Homeland Security Research Corp estimates the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market will grow at an annual rate of 13.6% through 2020. By that point, intelligent camera technology should account for 25% of the global video surveillance market.

As the global video surveillance industry looks ahead to 2015 and beyond, so far all signs indicate that the market will only continue to flourish, while also constantly introducing new ways to help ensure the safety and security of people and organizations around the world.

Interested to know more about advanced video surveillance features? Read a white-paper “Next-Generation Video Surveillance Systems: Advanced Features and Functionality“, which can be downloaded free of charge.  

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