Benefits of Integrated Security Systems

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We live in an era where cybersecurity is the main concern for businesses. With that, the importance of physical security is often underestimated. Polls reveal that 63% of respondents think that customers do not consider physical security a priority [1]. Unfortunately, the risks to physical assets are high and can be devastating both for people and their families, and the economy as a whole.

When it comes to helping customers increase the quality of security and communication solutions, PSA has successfully utilized Lenel OnGuard’s security system, which has an open architecture design that allows integration with different security management technologies. After the solution is developed, the company may participate in the OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), which requires thorough functionality testing prior to getting certified.

Apart from integration-driven advantages, represented by added functionality, improved management, user-friendly interface, etc., being a certified OAAP Member means recognition of best quality and reliable security solutions, which is in turn, a very strong business development opportunity.

PSA has successfully delivered a number of projects and passed the certification, proving the expertise in integrating with out-of-box security solutions and their components.

The primary objective of one successful case was to create an integration allowing the intercom system (represented by a series of door-answering units) to interface with OnGuard, including access control, with the help of a device translator, which provided double-sided communications. As a result, the customer received an all–in-one security control system that was certified with OnGuard and supported the following features:

  • Placing or cancelling calls to intercom stations
  • Releasing the door
  • Getting device status
  • Viewing events generated by the customer’s system and use them to trigger actions on other third-party systems (example: Activate CCTV camera)

Another customer, who reached out to PSA, intended to broaden security horizons by integrating its event-based alarm security system with OnGuard to accurately and timely update the location of people to further notifications in case of location-based emergencies, such as  building fire, active shooter, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters.


PSA developed an OnGuard Connector, which processes hardware-driven Access Granted events for a person passing through controlled zones and automatically updates the last known location in the customer’s system. The Connector gives customers the ability to observe Access Granted events and their parameters, configure events logging in OnGuard interface with the use of a complex Connector Configuration tool; as well as observe the information about contacts, locations and other parameters in the customer’s system. The Connector Configuration tool also allows the customer to easily set time periods for event accumulation to be sent to the customer’s REST Server; define the time after which the user is considered to be badged out of the building; accumulate data into the internal queue within the service, in case of a database connection loss.

If you are interested in talking to our development team about your concept or a project you are currently working on, get in touch with us at contactus@psa-software.com.


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