Bringing Your Awe-Inspiring Software Idea to Life!

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You did it! You’ve imagined an amazing idea for a software product that is going to set the world on fire…and you cannot wait to see it being used. You are not alone, over 2,371 mobile apps are published each and every day. [1] That number does not include all the other embedded software and desktop applications. Where do you start if you are not a developer and have little experience at managing the development of a software program? How do you bring your vision to life, in a very competitive, ever changing market place?

As with any new inspiration, having a solid plan in place is crucial to developing a successful software product, the more work done up front will save time and money in the long run.

First is to conduct a feasibility analysis by interviewing as many potential customers as you can to discover the specific need and determine if the proposed project can deliver the expected outcome. Once you understand how much of a need exists, you can then determine your ROI (Return on Investment).

Next is to prototype your idea to ensure the desired outcome can be obtained. Understanding the complete ins and outs of your product from the first screen to the last and what each click will accomplish is important to building the prototype. Then reach back out to the stakeholders to collect their feedback that your solution is what they are looking for. It is less expensive and easier to make modifications to a prototype then to re-write code.

A qualified project manager and development team can help you to determine the best methodology to follow and the right technology to use for coding. Following a proven development process is essential to establishing specific steps from start to project completion. Agile is a great methodology, as it allows for small manageable steps called sprints, to be developed individually. Necessary corrections can be made during each sprint as issues arise before the entire project has been coded.

From there design, develop and deployment can take place.

Having well thought-out development processes in place are the ultimate secret weapon to winning business and successfully delivering new easy-to-use software. [2]

Here at PSA we believe in following a disciplined software development process, based on IEEE standards, that is centered on the successful delivery of results. This is best accomplished through the development of clear and objective specifications and metrics that exceeds the expected level of performance.

PSA is here to help and already has tools available on our website designed to assist you determine the best methodology to create your awesome software idea:

How can PSA help decision tool: https://www.psa-software.com/decision_tool.php

We would be happy to discuss your software project, feel free to contact us at info@psa-software for more information.


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