PSA – Resident Expert in Rail Software Thanks to Our Customers

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Since PSA started 23 years ago in 1993, our knowledge and expertise in rail signaling solutions has grown tremendously through successful project completion time and time again. PSA has delivered over 144 projects during the last five years in four major areas of the rail industry: Platform, In-Cab Systems, Wayside and Back Office. To accomplish this feat, PSA engineers spent more than 141,000 hours in development and had over 1,500 hours of training.

Back Office

PSA is well versed in the development of Back Office integrated signaling and control solutions used in many city transport systems, as well as, in large continent-wide networks. In particular, PSA completed a series of projects in conjunction with our customer to develop a dispatching system for a major US Freight-Hauling railroad. Our engineers invested over 43,000 hours on this series of projects.

Another important project completed by PSA was to design, develop, test a centralized data warehouse diagnostic system to configure, gather and store the diagnostic information and then to make the information available to a server running on the same hardware. The next phase of the project was to create a monitoring system to access the information delivered to the diagnostic system, then to make the information available on a web interface. This tacked on an additional 5,000 hours of experience in back office controls.


PSA’s wayside computer-based interlockings are currently in use across the globe, including demanding high speed networks in France, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, China and South Korea; on main lines in US, Italy, France, Sweden, India, China, Bangladesh, Botswana, Malaysia and Australia; as well in metros. We have over 23,000 hours logged for one of our biggest customers in the area of wayside.

In-Cab Systems

The train’s engineer and their console/control stand located in the cab of the train are critical for communication between the cab and the back office, wayside and platform. The console displays the train’s speed, condition of the breaks and houses the GPS tracking system. Advanced cab technology is an important part of train inspection and safety. Our engineers have a profound range of skills that can be applied to inspection solutions and help improve safety in the rail industry.


The knowledge PSA has gained over the years in the area of Platform includes the ever evolving use of mobile technology, as well as, to develop public address/visual messaging systems to provide train arrival information to all stations deployed along the rail system. These systems improve the network and commercial operations as well as enhance the traveler’s experiences.

This is the season to be thankful and to remember our blessings. PSA is certainly very THANKFUL for all of our customers for their continued collaboration and their trust in PSA’s ability to deliver quality solutions on time and within budget. We are also thankful for the dedication of our employees who provide those solutions to our valued customers.

Our team is ready to discuss with you how our knowledge and expertise can go to work for you to deliver a customized solution for you next project. Feel free to reach out to us at info@psa-software.com.

PSA Marketing Team

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