Happy 25th Birthday, Linux!

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What day is the true 25th birthday of Linux?  Most say August 25th, the day its creator, Linus Torvalds, sent out a post to the Minix newsgroup asking for help with a new operating system he was creating.  Others would say September 17th, when version 0.01 was sent to some of his close friends.  Or should it be October 5th, when Linux was publically announced by Torvalds with version 0.02? [1]

It’s interesting to know! Linux could have been called Freax («free», «freak» and X (Unix)). Initially, Linus gave such name to his project, but Ari Lemmke, who received a request from Linus to post a kernel on its FTP-server, called the directory «linux».

Linux is a high performance operating system that is scalable, secure and infinitely customizable providing unlimited distribution without license fees and is widely used in everyday things from gas pumps to smart watches.  It is the OS of choice for many developers because installing any library or tool on Linux can be done very quickly without the need for a special package.  Linux also allows for many screens to be opened at the same time.  Developers can install and customize platforms on their systems, then test their written code.

The Linux Kernel features one of the fastest moving development processes and involves more developers than any other open source project:


There are some disadvantages to using Linux that include the fact that not all hardware manufacturers write drives for Linux therefore, Linux would not be compatible on some systems.  Linux is currently not stable with Photoshop or Skype and since Linux uses an open source model, support is usually from community forums which administrators subscribe to.

Many representatives of major technology corporations take part in developing the system: Intel, IBM, Samsung, Google, Red Hat etc.

A massive number of corporate systems, supercomputers are based on the Linux operating system. The ever popular Android OS is based on this operating system as well.

PSA has extensive knowledge and experience using the Linux platform with more than 25 projects, the biggest project starting in 2011 and still currently running and 5 projects on embedded devices. 

One project consisted of developing the User Interface for a Perimeter Security System. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool.

This is only one example from many successful projects that PSA created using Linux platform. Let us know how PSA can help you visualize your next Linux project.

Happy Birthday Linux!


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